Wishes for our Daughter


To my daughter,

  The moment I found out you were YOU, a girl…..I started to think about all the things I wanted to teach and provide you.  Trust me, most of these are lessons I learned the hard way.  While I understand that you may have to learn some of them the hard way too……I sure hope you get to learn a few of these from the experience of your own mommy.

– Be yourself.  It may not always be cool, or stylish….but being your own quirky wonderful self IS cool.  

– Read. A lot.

– Dream the biggest possible dreams, and chase them with reckless abandon.  Your dad and I will support you 100%.  Want to be an artist? A zookeeper? An engineer? Go for it.

– That guy that breaks your heart (even though I hope your heart is never broken)? Not the one.  The guy that makes you feel like the prettiest, smartest girl in the room in his own quiet way? He is the one. I sure hope he comes along first, and you never experience that OTHER guy.

– Treat EVERYONE with kindness and grace.  Be a friend to those who have few.  They’ll end up being some of the most honest and loyal people in your life.

– Makeup is fun, but it’s not a necessity.

– Who cares if someone calls you the B word? Stand up for yourself, in a classy and controlled way.

– Your body is your friend, not your enemy.  Appreciate it for all it does for you, don’t attack it or judge yourself as it changes throughout your life.  It will take you everywhere you want to go, and that is a blessing.

– Find your faith.  While I hope it will be same faith and belief system that your father and I hold…..I want you to believe because YOU believe.  Not because we forced you.

– Help those less fortunate. And realize how blessed we are.  

Know that you were wanted, and prayed for.  When you’re a teenager, and think your parents are the WORST people on earth……know that we still love you…..and want you just as badly on those days as we did on the day you were born.  You are the greatest blessing, and we are thankful for you every day (even these early ones with little sleep)!


Your Mommy



  1. says

    Ah, Carly this is so sweet! She is so lucky to have you as her mom!! So many lessons we are going to have to be there for. It’s kinda scary having these sweet girls and know what they will endure through their lives…just like we did…but the best part is being their mom and being there for them through it all.
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  2. says

    This is beautiful. It makes me smile and excited for when my time finally comes to be a mother. I hope that my daughter or son can look back one day and see how much they are loved like she will with this.

  3. Anastacia says

    I found this while looking up lipstick made out of crayon lol! I’m having my first child, a girl, May 2014. I may find the answer throughout your other posts but when are you due? This was so sweet and I’m equally excited to raise a girl with all the love and support she needs. You are awesome for writing this.

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