How to Set Up a Bar Cart

how to set up a bar cartNow that we are moved in to the new house….I’m trying to complete one project a day.  Should I be concerned that my first project was setting up our bar area? We are just so excited to have enough space to entertain……setting up a bar cart was TOP priority!how to set up a bar cartBar carts are super trendy, and you can spend a ton of money setting one up.  I wanted to create a fun bar cart without breaking the bank.

Initially, we discussed what types of alcohol we were likely to serve.  We decided to store wine and speciality liquors on our cart.   It could easily be switched for say, a brunch with mimosas….but the majority of guests we will host will either drink speciality drinks or wine.

Since I’ve been pregnant / had a new baby at home for the last year and a half…..I haven’t been mixing a ton of drinks.  The upside? We’ve collected some fun liquors, and can’t wait to start using them! 

The specialty liquors we stocked our bar with: Golden Tango Cream (a brandy based dessert liquor), Firefly Distillery Java Rum (bought while visiting husband’s family in Charleston), Old Smokey Moonshine ( a little afraid to break into this one!), flavored vodka, brandy, bourbon

how to set up a bar cartWhile I could pretty easily stock the liquor section of our bar……the wine was a little more challenging.  I love wine tasting, but am the WORST wine selector ever. I tend to pick wines by their label.  Not always the best approach.  Luckily, Mark and Matt from Uncorked Ventures came to my rescue.  Why not leave it to the experts? This family owned business is now on my favorites list.  These gentlemen have the rough (ha!) job of traveling to wine country on a regular basis to select wines for their wine club.  Thank goodness, they sent out a wine club shipment.  Those bottles have already been opened…..and I’m already an Uncorked Ventures convert.  Two bottles of wine (a chardonnay and a red blend) that I never would have found on my own….accompanied by perfect descriptions so I knew what to expect.  

Looking for a monthly wine club? Look no further.  They’re great, and will keep the wine part of our bar cart fully stocked!how to set up a bar cartThank you to Uncorked Ventures for sponsoring this discussion.





  1. says

    We also just moved (from LA to Austin) and the bar cart was #1 on my list. hahaha. #liquorsisters I guess I was really excited about the idea of hosting people in our new space and having something fun. #2 was a game drawer.

  2. says

    oh my gosh, i have fallen in love with this project! ps. should you be concerned that was your first project?! HECK NO! What’s a house warming party without a cute little bar cart!

  3. Lisa says

    I love this idea and really simple to put together. Now, I just need my girlfriends schedules to line up so we put it to use!

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